How can I guarantee my contract delivers on expected results?

The strategy is in place and you are considering approaching the market to explore the possibility of selecting a services partner to support your business. To guide you on this journey Burnt Oak Partners has developed the definitive differentiated managed services transaction support suite of services that maximises speed and minimises risk.

Experience shows us that 30% of outsourcing deals today end in failure, and that 50% of outsourcing deals do not realise the expected benefits the transaction set out to achieve.

There are many reasons why an outsourcing relationship breaks down and in almost all cases this can be avoided through close and careful management of the supply and demand relationship, and strong governance that enables both parties to deliver on their commitments to achieve a successful outcome.

Assurance Services

Burnt Oak Partners provides an entirely unique and multi-faceted approach to the successful management of services, whether sourced internally or externally. Our assurance services ensure that the expected benefits that drove the initial business case are actually realised, and where strategy changes or is affected by other external factors, we will be there to ensure the delivery of service under the contract is realigned to the shifting requirements of the client’s business.

Our assurance services are both pragmatic and hands on and is designed to work seamlessly alongside the client and supplier relationship. It incorporates the following six key elements which guarantee a higher level of assurance over service value, business benefits realisation and a successful outsourcing result:

  • Contract management
  • Relationship benchmarking
  • Innovation management
  • Communications management
  • Programme governance, risk management and reporting
  • Benefits realisation management