How can I demonstrate the opportunity to my Board?

The strategy is in place and you are considering approaching the market to explore the possibility of selecting a services partner to support your business. To guide you on this journey Burnt Oak Partners has developed the definitive differentiated managed services transaction support suite of services that maximises speed and minimises risk.

You have assessed the feasibility of a particular course of action the time is right to seek the executive sponsorship that all major change initiatives require. Burnt Oak Partners assist you in driving your change initiatives by establishing in-depth and balanced business cases.

This analysis will quickly identify the key measures with which the executive can evaluate an opportunity and against which the success of any change can be assessed, along with establishing with clarity any outstanding deal-breakers or inhibitors to the success of your recommended course of action.

Compelling Business case/ Needs Assurance Services (Deal Diligence 2)

Deal Diligence 2 services will reveal any potential risk areas that require further investigation along with any potential quality and service benefits from the prospective services partnership arising from the proposed transaction.

Furthermore, this investigation will assist in providing a greater degree of comfort over the expected financial benefits from a services relationship. More specifically, the Deal Diligence 2 process will allow all parties to consider the options in respect of the transaction, potentially including:

  • Walking away from the deal
  • The contract ‘price’ being affirmed or re-negotiated
  • The value of the assets being reduced
  • Revising terms and conditions to the contract