Johan Sundström

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Johan Sundström

Senior Associate, Nordic


OVER THE YEARS, Johan has held various management positions in the IT industry, mainly with a focus on IT service delivery and sourcing in mid and large enterprises.

Over a period of 20 years Johan has build up extensive experience in the IT delivery and sourcing industry in Nordics and Europe. Johan has a broad experience of IT Sourcing, from first time outsourcing, transformation and managing sourcing accounts thru its lifecycle both as a supplier and customer. In the last 10 years Johan has been driving transformation of IT service delivery and service management to create IT capabilities to support business success. Johan has worked for and represented companies like Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Vattenfall, Saab and Burnt Oak Partners.

With his experience in the market, Johan has gained an trustful professional network where he is acknowledged, to provide insights to senior leadership related to IT service delivery and IT sourcing.

Today Johan is a Senior Associate at Burnt Oak Partners Nordic AB who focus on Sourcing and IT service delivery.

Johan holds an Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering the University of Borås and an certificate in Project Management from Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia.