Burnt Oak Partners and Radar strengthens their market positions in Sourcing Advisory and Research through a strategic partnership

Burnt Oak Partners and Radar strengthens their market positions in Sourcing Advisory and Research through a strategic partnership

The agreement further strengthens and clarifies the companies’ leading capabilities and value creation in strategic IT procurement and Sourcing Advisory.

Radar, the leading provider of fact-based insights for IT industry players, contribute with their benchmark models, supplier evaluations and their sourcing oriented advisors. Burnt Oak Partners, with operations in the Nordic countries, Great Britain and Benelux, contributes with its long experience and documented methodology in sourcing advisory. Overall, increasing and broadening the parties’ value creation abilities and strengthen implementation capacity in the respective local markets.

For Burnt Oak Partners, the cooperation agreement provides access to historical and real-time data from Radar’s price and quality models, supplier evaluations, and access to senior consulting expertise within Radar’s expert areas. The collaboration gives Burnt Oak Partners good prospects to further accelerate expansion as a sourcing advisor in their prioritized markets.

For Radar, the agreement allows for further focus in the consulting area for strategic IT procurement and sourcing advisory where the company has generated high value and efficiency creation in completed customer projects. In addition, Radar is given the opportunity to expand operations in the UK and in the Benelux region.

As much as 70 percent of each IT penny is spent in the relationship between buyers and suppliers. This creates an increasing need for efficiency improvements in the area. Burnt Oak Partners gives us access to its proven methodology as well as strategically important new markets in the UK and the Benelux region. The combined experience and broad knowledge of sourcing as collaboration mean that we further increase our capacity and strengthen our ability to create customer values, “says Hans Werner, CEO of Radar

“Radar gives us access to key models and data within price, quality and supplier evaluation, historically and in real time. With this, together with the availability of Radar’s experienced advisors, we can generate additional capabilities and assume bigger and more strategic assignments within sourcing both in our local markets and internationally, “says Anders Svensson CEO Burnt Oak Partners

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