Supplier Selection

We advise our clients in making the right technology, business process and partner choices. We help them to identify potential functions to be in-sourced, outsourced or off-shored and support them in finding the right suppliers to partner with according to their business drivers, service requirements and company culture. We strive to establish strong and sustainable outsourcing relationships which deliver substantial business benefits.

There are a number of ways we can support the supplier selection process, depending on the need and situation of our client.  We are extremely flexible in our approach and always aim to reduce complexity, time and costs in the process.

  • Rapid capabilities assessment – Our Rapid Capabilities Assessment approach involves an analysis of target suppliers in the market to assess their capabilities across for example a range of service domains or geographies.
  • Feasibility assessment – Feasibility assessment is Burnt Oak Partner’s proprietary approach designed to create a real business case for change with a very high level of confidence (>95% is usual) to assess the feasibility of change initiatives via a significantly expedited process. .
  • Traditional selection support – Many clients prefer or may be required to adopt the more traditional competitive tendering approach.  We ensure that we match the service objectives with the markets capability to supply and the client organisation’s maturity in controlling external supply regimes.