Service integration and governance

Burnt Oak Partners provides a multi-faceted approach to the successful management of services, whether sourced internally or externally. Service integration and governance implemented well assures that the expected benefits that drove the initial business case are actually realized, and where strategy changes or is affected by other external factors, we will be there to ensure the delivery of service under the contract is constantly realigned to the shifting requirements of the client’s business.

Our approach is both pragmatic and hands on and is designed to work seamlessly alongside the client and supplier relationship. It incorporates the following six key elements which guarantee a higher level of assurance over service value, business benefits realisation and a successful outsourcing result.

  • Contract Management – Burnt Oak Partners will provide the oversight, support, tracking and management that is required to ensure that the duties of both parties to the contract are adhered to, and thereby provide assurance in transition of services, service delivery and execution.
  • Innovation Management – Burnt Oak Partners firmly believes in recognizing innovation as an essential function within the business and therefore provides a formally managed process by which new ideas both from within the organization itself and the service provider can be presented and matched to the changing requirements and drivers of the business. We view innovation across all of the technological, process and business dimensions, so our Innovation Management Methodology incorporates all aspects.
  • Communications Management – It is essential that the end client and service provider agree a systematic approach to communications, which provides simple, clear and consistent messages to all internal and external stakeholders and has overt executive sponsorship. The carefully constructed communications program contains behaviors and expectations, reduces risk of misunderstandings and misquoting, and operates from standard Q&A responses and information repositories.
  • Programme Governance, Risk Management and Reporting – Good governance starts at the top, so it is firstly paramount that there is transparent decision making and clearly defined responsibilities and accountability at the executive and board levels. Secondly, any program of activity requires its own governance principles such as executive sponsorship, support and oversight; a well-defined plan with achievable milestones; clear roles and responsibilities, and accountability for deliverables, communications and reporting; an understood method for implementing the program; and a risk management strategy.Burnt Oak Partners’ model for program governance, risk management and reporting incorporates all of these key principles to ensure that the program starts with all the tenets necessary for a successful outcome.
  • Benefits Realisation Management – Our approach to Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) starts right up front in the strategy and planning phase to deliver the financial and business benefits that justified the case for change at the outset, but can of course be applied at any point in the transaction. BRM will help you identify your business drivers and develop your business objectives, increase stakeholder engagement through fostering common understanding and commitment, help formulate the case for change, reduce program risks of disengagement or bad decision making by focusing on the end goals, provide a clear means by which business benefits can be measured, reported and success demonstrated, and ultimately facilitate contract management.
  • Executive support and coaching – We provide commercial and highly focused executive level coaching and support across a number of different areas through ongoing Executive-to-Executive sessions. This support program is designed to ensure continued sponsorship and engagement at the executive level and provide assurance to top management and key stakeholders of successful implementation and delivery.