Our Expertise

The way in which we best support our clients is very important to us to ensure that they receive the maximum value from the services that we provide. We have therefore thought carefully about the most appropriate mechanisms to do that in today’s market and developed a delivery model whereby our clients can decide how they procure our services to best leverage the type of support and guidance they need.
The guidance you need

Solution Support

Strategic Consulting
Sourcing Professionals

Where our clients are uncertain of which direction or course of action to take, our advisors can help guide them as to the most optimal strategy and approach to take. Through our years of experience and knowledge of the marketplace we are well placed to provide support anywhere through the lifecycle to give assurance that the transaction is well planned, constructed, executed and managed to achieve substantial benefits and develop long lasting client/supplier partnerships.

Our methodologies are proven in real projects and flexible to allow tailoring to the specific needs of each client situation, and our involvement can be as deep or light as our clients require. We don’t believe that only advice is good enough in today’s market and welcome the opportunity to work hand in hand with our client teams to deliver successful outcomes.

Many of our clients are already very mature and highly experienced in designing, running and managing large change projects and outsourcing programmes, and consequently we recognise that a consultancy led approach is not always the right solution to support them.

We provide highly talented interim resources on-demand, sourced both from within our own organisation and also from our exclusive community of trusted and vetted associates, to supplement existing project teams where specialist knowledge and skills are required, at very competitive rates. Our practitioners have open access to the rest of the team plus an extensive library of proven methodologies, templates and toolkits to support them in their work.

Typical support roles we fulfil extend from technical and domain experts and sourcing specialists through to strategists, analysts and programme managers.

As a result of working for many years across various industries we have been able to build up an extensive network of contacts which include an array of senior decision makers, buyers and sellers. We are able to leverage this network to provide brokerage services to our clients in specific areas such as go-to-market support and business introductions, asset purchase or disposal, deal funding and structuring, and data centre sales or capacity fulfilment.

We do this on a risk/reward basis so only receive a fee on the basis of a successful outcome or transaction.

Our broad range of expertise

Domain expertise

Our broad range of expertise has been gained through working with and across many organisational functions requiring a deep understanding of people, processes, technology and culture and the complex interdependencies between them. Our domain knowledge covers the following areas

Information Technology and Telecommunications

Application Development and Maintenance, IT infrastructure, Data and Voice, Helpdesk, Desktop, ITIL, Service Levels and KPI’s, Shared IT Services, Disaster Recovery, Security and compliance, Business Intelligence, Big Data, IT Scans, IT Strategy, Transformation and Risk management.

Finance & Accounting

Billing, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Reporting, Accounts Payable & Travel Expense, Cash & Banking, Electronic Scanning, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Tax, Compliance

Human Resources

Payroll, Human Resources, Learning, Training, Change


R&D and Product Development, Manufacturing Process & Plant Operations, Product Lifecycle Management

Sourcing/Outsourcing processes

Strategy and Business Case, Selection/Negotiation, Implementation/T&T, Benefit realisation, Benchmarking, Governance

Supplier Delivery models

In-sourcing, Outsourcing, Multi-sourcing, Shared Services, Home-sourcing, Near-sourcing, Off-shoring, White-labelling, SaaS, Cloud

Contracts and Commercials

Financial Engineering/architecture, Due Diligence (operational, financial and commercial), Legal/Master Services Agreement

Deal Funding and Structuring

Deal Financing, Regulation and Compliance, Accounting and Tax considerations

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisition Targeting, Deal Brokering, Due Diligence, Asset Disposal support

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